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Found 1 Buddy

Pet Owner: Jennifer H. (SC)Pet Name: BuddyDate Lost: 04/23/2015Date Found: 04/27/15

I am very pleased with The flyer that they made and sent out and I also made copies of helped me find my Buddy. The flyer with his pictures on it that I was able to pass out helped animal control identify him as my lost dog ( I left one at their office ). I am grateful for all your help. Jennifer


Found 1 vanilla

Pet Owner: carlos b. (IA)Pet Name: vanillaDate Lost: 04/25/2015Date Found: 04/27/15

The best way to find any dog i have to say thank you guys so much my heart is no longer broke vanilla is back happy and safe again thank you and God bless.


Found 1 Debo

Pet Owner: Danasha J. (FL)Pet Name: DeboDate Lost: 04/24/2015

Great website


Found 1 Ruka

Pet Owner: Julie W. (WA)Pet Name: RukaDate Lost: 04/18/2015

Your flyers are what helped us find her, a lady saw one by her house and she called the number on it to return Ruka back to us!


Found 1 Louise

Pet Owner: Mika F. (PA)Pet Name: LouiseDate Lost: 04/17/2015

Louise came barking at my door at 2:30 am this morning(April 27th, 2015). She is back with us, scared as can be but all in one piece and it appears no worse for wear. She was missing for 10 days. God was watching over her for sure. All of you out there - don't give up looking. Dogs are smarter than you think.


Found 2 Neko

Pet Owner: Michelle J. (WI)Pet Name: NekoDate Lost: 04/17/2015

I was very pleased with all the help I received Much appreciation


Found 1 Kai

Pet Owner: Pearl F. (CA)Pet Name: KaiDate Lost: 03/16/2015Date Found: 04/26/15

Thank you so much!! Kai turned up at the local shelter after he was found by a construction worker in a new home development. I think your service is great and part of the reason I found kai because you put the word out there immediately. Thank you 5 stars!!


Found 1 Flashbang

Pet Owner: Vivian C. (TX)Pet Name: FlashbangDate Lost: 04/25/2015

Our local animal shelter called us right after receiving a fax from We're so thankful to have our doggie back at home! Thank you!


Found 2 Charlie-Kitty

Pet Owner: Melissa S. (FL)Pet Name: Charlie-KittyDate Lost: 04/20/2015Date Found: 04/26/15

I did not find my pet because of this website but was so happy to find that there are services to assist you with your search when your pet goes missing. It was comforting to be able to get our message out to other pet lovers. I will tell others who find themselves in th same situation. Thanks! MS Tampa


Found 1 Cody

Pet Owner: Don k. (NY)Pet Name: CodyDate Lost: 04/18/2015Date Found: 04/26/15

Thanks for being in business. Getting the word out via your service definitely helped!


Found 1 I don't want to give

Pet Owner: D R. (FL)Pet Name: I don't want to giveDate Lost: 04/23/2015

Thanks to open eyes looking and assistance from the local animal control. My dog was saved from drowning last night when he fell into a canal trying to get water. My dog is now home safe after 3 Days.


Found 2 Igor

Pet Owner: Colby B. (SC)Pet Name: IgorDate Lost: 04/24/2015

Igor has made it home it home safe and sound! Thank you so much mylostdoggie!


Found 1 Boo

Pet Owner: philicia h. (TX)Pet Name: BooDate Lost: 04/18/2015

We found Boo trapped in a culvert down our road. This service and the information they provide for helping to find your dog is super helpful. I just did the free one and they provided a lot of information and help!


Found 2 Pepper

Pet Owner: Lynne M. (PA)Pet Name: PepperDate Lost: 04/24/2015

Although Pepper returned home on her own, LostMyDoggie were very helpful and quick to get out reports of my missing cat to the surrounding businesses in my area and followed up as well.Thanks LostMyDoggie!!


Found 1 Echo

Pet Owner: Felipe C. (CA)Pet Name: EchoDate Lost: 04/23/2015

My dog came back home on his own. But it was reassuring that they had kept in contact with many pet businesses. When we went to the shelter his picture was already printed and up on the wall for everyone to see. Lost MyDoggie went out of their way to help me, for free.
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