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Found 1 Dominoe

Pet Owner: Lizette G. (TX)Pet Name: DominoeDate Lost: 02/01/2016Date Found: 02/06/16

Thank you so much for your help.


Found 2 Milo

Pet Owner: Netta M. (CA)Pet Name: MiloDate Lost: 01/30/2016Date Found: 02/06/16

I am so grateful to the help offered by They provided a poster created with the info and photo I uploaded. When I checked at the local shelter, they had Milo's poster on the wall and I taped posters to all the mailbox stations in my neighborhood. I received calls from neighbors who spotted him and I spoke to so many people out walking who were looking for him too. Milo is home safe. He lost some weight but he is not injured, so all is well. Thank you for the wonderful service you provide!


Found 1 Duece

Pet Owner: Vanessa F. (CA)Pet Name: DueceDate Lost: 02/01/2016Date Found: 02/05/16

Thanks to all the people on facebook helped find my dog Deuce and also referring me to team work makes dreams come true!


Found 1 LOULOU

Pet Owner: KARL V. (GA)Pet Name: LOULOUDate Lost: 02/02/2016Date Found: 02/05/16

very professional


Found 1 Rusty

Pet Owner: Becky E. (GA)Pet Name: RustyDate Lost: 02/04/2016

What a great website!!! Our dog was found this afternoon! We are so thankful!


Found 1 Rocky

Pet Owner: Monica M. (CA)Pet Name: RockyDate Lost: 02/04/2016Date Found: 02/04/16

I highly recommend this to anyone that most their pet. Within 4 hours I was reunited with my dog


Pet Owner: Deborah R. (PA)Pet Name: SammyDate Lost: 01/14/2016

I am so happy to report Sammy was found. Long story short, he was rescued by the wonderful Police and Firemen in Oakmont PA where we reside. He was stuck in a 20 or 25 foot drainage pipe - I was not present at the time of the rescue. So I apologize for the lack of details. He was then taken to a kennel and adopted by a wonderful woman (one of his Guardian Angels) so that she could find the owner and she did just that. Also she paid a lot of money to her vet as he was in rough condition. We were finally reunited on TV channel WTAE last Friday night after work. Sammy is still on medication and is treated like a celebrity. He is very happy as well, and so is his buddy named Cesear the tabby cat. I want to once more thank EVERYONE from the bottom of my heart for saving poor little Sammy. I will forever be in your debt with gratitude. Deborah Ryniec


Found 1 SURI

Pet Owner: Nina M. (AZ)Pet Name: SURIDate Lost: 01/01/2016

Suri came back to our house on her own being gone for 6 nights and 5 days. She came back through an open gate in our back yard and banged her paws on the bedroom sliding door window to wake us up and let us know she was back. Not a sole saw her during the time she was gone. She had bloody paws full of stickers and lost 8 lbs of her 45 lb weight but was injured.She is back to normal at the present time and now sporting a GPS collar.


Found 1 Larry

Pet Owner: Beth A. (CA)Pet Name: LarryDate Lost: 02/01/2016

Larry came home - I value this type of internet site - glad to know there are sites to help with lost pets (Family Members)


Found 1 Annabelle Love

Pet Owner: Kris M. (CA)Pet Name: Annabelle LoveDate Lost: 02/01/2016Date Found: 02/02/16

Our loved 4-legged family member was spotted then scooped up in safe keeping. With overnight 250 colored flyers & immediate alerts, she was seen then safely returned. Today put your updated phone numbers on their collar & microchip your dogs...this was our big step for her return upon an unexpected open door. Thank you for great communication. Hugs.


Found 1 JAKE

Pet Owner: Mark M. (FL)Pet Name: JAKEDate Lost: 01/05/2016

It is great that this site offers this invaluable service to animal owners. I would highly recommend them


Found 1 ZEUS

Pet Owner: Hannah A. (TN)Pet Name: ZEUSDate Lost: 01/19/2016Date Found: 02/01/16

I wanted to write this in case someone reads this and is missing their furbaby. Our baby Zeus went missing, and we were desperate to find him. We flooded Craigslist, Facebook, and tried to get flyers to every place we could think of. We had never heard of a service like this and once we looked it up were very skeptical after reading reviews of another service. So, we kept looking on the internet and came across Lostmydoggie. We did the free listing first, again, very skeptical that it would even work. We then gave the "alert 500 neighbors" part a shot that we paid for. Again, never really thought it would be done. Well, WE WERE WRONG !!!!! Within 4 hours of us listing it, one of my friends called me and actually got the Alert call !! This was even on a Sunday !! Within 2 days, we were flooded with calls. We were so impressed that we upgraded to the 1250 calls. Please - this service REALLY worked. We just got a call today and our baby was found !!!!! We cannot thank enough for all the hard work and we cannot brag about this service enough !! Don't use any other alert service, this is a truly legitimate site!! Plus, everyone that called us was shocked that a service like this existed and not ONE person complained about getting the calls. Thank you, we have our baby back !!


Found 1 Stella/ Bella

Pet Owner: Donna S. (NJ)Pet Name: Stella/ BellaDate Lost: 01/30/2016Date Found: 01/31/16

Highly recommend AAA+++ When faced with a crisis when you lose your dog, the sooner you post the better!!! We received some great leads which lead to a quick recovery.


Found 1 Chase/lester

Pet Owner: Jamie L. (TN)Pet Name: Chase/lesterDate Lost: 01/18/2016Date Found: 01/31/16

This site is amazing my little boy had lost his dog 2 weeks before I discovered this site, we had searched every where for him with no luck. But when we posted the information on this site our little doggie was found within 2 days 30 miles from home! This is a absolutely wonderful program!


Found 1 Missy

Pet Owner: mona g. (AR)Pet Name: MissyDate Lost: 01/16/2016

I greatly appreciate this site and all those where I listed Missy as lost. She was found and we have been reunited! TY so much for your time and effort in helping to find my little Sweetie Heart.
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