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Found 1 Max

Pet Owner: David V. (AR)Pet Name: MaxDate Lost: 03/21/2015

I sincerely appreciated this website to post my lost animal. It was a dramatic experience losing a pet and you want to do everything possible to find them. LostMyDoggie gave me some peace of mind I was doing that. Thank you Dave


Found 1 Prissy

Pet Owner: Dale G. (TX)Pet Name: PrissyDate Lost: 03/28/2015

Get your pets info out there asap if lost. Time is of the essence. Start with good old fashioned signs at the top of the street and in neighboring areas, put flyers on windshields, canvas, canvas, canvas. Drive around and tell everyone you know. Post a LOST DOG sign on the back of your vehicle while you are driving around. Act quickly! Use the free service on this website and Craigslist and any other sites that are used in your area. Also sometimes you will find lost and found websites that are specifically for your breed of dog. ACT QUICKLY and DON'T LOSE HEART! Also - don't forget to call the pound! Good luck!


Found 1 Little Rascial

Pet Owner: Michelle S. (PA)Pet Name: Little RascialDate Lost: 03/28/2015

we found our dog but thank you a lot


Found 1 Lily

Pet Owner: Linnea M. (TX)Pet Name: LilyDate Lost: 03/29/2015Date Found: 03/29/15

I didn't know a service like this existed! Thank you for the quick help!!!


Pet Owner: Andrea C. (AL)Pet Name: UnknownDate Lost: 03/21/2015Date Found: 03/29/15

Posted the flyer at intersections in surrounding neighborhoods yesterday. Got a call this afternoon and just got back from taking him home! Thank you!!!


Pet Owner: Trish G. (CO)Pet Name: WyattDate Lost: 03/27/2015

Even though we did not have to end up actually using you, I appreciated knowing I had another avenue to use in searching for my dog. We were lucky enough to find him. Thank you for having this service out there!


Found 1 Ed

Pet Owner: Roxanne T. (TX)Pet Name: EdDate Lost: 03/13/2015Date Found: 03/16/15

Thank you for all the help it is greatly appreciated


Found 1 Tucker

Pet Owner: Doris W. (TX)Pet Name: TuckerDate Lost: 03/26/2015

Tucker came home this morning at about 7 a.m. A little smelly, very thirsty & hungry. Thank you for helping with my peace of mind while he was missing. He is 13 & 1/2 years old and my baby. We used all of the tricks that you suggested - signs, clothing, looking and talking with neighbors. Please let everyone know he is home and in loving arms again. Thank you for your services. Doris Wagner


Found 1 Jasmine

Pet Owner: Brenda C. (NC)Pet Name: JasmineDate Lost: 03/23/2015

Thanks for your help.I heard from several friends that they read about Jasminr on your site.


Found 1 Lola

Pet Owner: Roberta S. (GA)Pet Name: LolaDate Lost: 03/17/2015

When my dogs broke out, I was really discouraged about locating them. My sister linked me with LostMyDoggie and I was surprised but very grateful for the assistance I got in locating my dogs. With the many online posts and contacts, Lola and Petey were found in 2 days. Thankfully, but not surprisingly, they were found together. Thank you so much!!!


Found 1 Blue

Pet Owner: Doug Q. (CA)Pet Name: BlueDate Lost: 03/14/2015Date Found: 03/17/15

Lost My Doggie helped me find my dog Blue. He wasn't wearing his tags and was un chipped. So grateful for this site. The woman who found him did a quick google search and located him on this site within 30 minutes of searching.


Found 1 Cody

Pet Owner: Judith H. (MA)Pet Name: CodyDate Lost: 12/20/2014Date Found: 03/24/15

I think LostMyDoggie is a good place to list a lost dog. I recommend it to anyone searching for their pet.


Found 1 Remmy

Pet Owner: Amanda R. (TX)Pet Name: RemmyDate Lost: 03/15/2015

I was suggested to put cloths outside on my porch for my dog to find my scent and come home. I put them out around 11:30pm Sunday evening. When my husband was leaving for work at 6am he was on the porch laying in my cloths..... If you have a lost dogs try this. I was so happy when my husband came into the house with our dog.


Pet Owner: Melissa P. (TX)Pet Name: MinnieDate Lost: 03/19/2015

I can't express how happy we are that we have Minnie back. Thank you so much for all your help.


Found 1 Jacques

Pet Owner: From the Heart R. (TX)Pet Name: JacquesDate Lost: 03/23/2015

Thank you for getting the word out so quickly and easily! Jacques was found!
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