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Found 1 Ace

Pet Owner: Dylan C. (CA)Pet Name: AceDate Lost: 10/25/2014

Thanks for the fliers. Facebook found ace through a lost and found pets group!


Found 1 Syrah

Pet Owner: Rory H. (CA)Pet Name: SyrahDate Lost: 10/16/2014Date Found: 10/25/14

I lost my dog in the mountains, she went after a rabbit. It took me nine days rain for 3 of them, one all day long . I learned a lot from this experience, if the dog gets lost other than your neighborhood. It is good to have somewhere to post your dog, gives you hope. Lots of people putting out the thought waves combined with hope and not giving up, I would say is what found her. Thanks for the hope and good luck to others who have not found theres yet and don't give up, even if you thought they will be eaten by coyotes or mountain lions, dogs are survivors!


Found 1 Katrina (DEAF)

Pet Owner: Wayne G. (NV)Pet Name: Katrina (DEAF)Date Lost: 10/23/2014

It's wonderful to have the to assist in finding beloved lost pets... it's re-assuring to have so many people helping... I'm thrilled that my furbaby was located miles and miles away and identified by her microchip... so glad to have that technology.


Found 2 Pomona

Pet Owner: Vanessa N. (WA)Pet Name: PomonaDate Lost: 10/19/2014Date Found: 10/24/14

My cat actually found her own way home, but I felt better using Lostmydoggie while she was gone. It gave me some peace of mind knowing that vets and shelters were notified. I also printed the poster and attached it to bright colored poster board around the neighborhood. It was worth it!


Found 1 Jazzie

Pet Owner: Brenda W. (TX)Pet Name: JazzieDate Lost: 10/22/2014Date Found: 10/24/14

This site comes highly recommended. Posting was expedited... user friendly and a very valuable service. Comes highly recommended. Thanks for being available


Found 1 Tinkerbell

Pet Owner: Larry M. (TN)Pet Name: TinkerbellDate Lost: 10/20/2014Date Found: 10/24/14

My family is so happy that our baby Tinkerbell is safe and back home. I am so thankful to this website. We did all that we knew to do, but with the help of amber alert it made it possible to reach the people that we was unable to reach with a flyer. Thank you so much!!!!! I will recommend this website to everyone I know that is a pet owner. I hope they do not have to go through what we went through, but at least we have a happy ending. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts. Larry, Darlene and Courteney Moore.


Found 1 Nugget

Pet Owner: Melanie A. (CA)Pet Name: NuggetDate Lost: 10/22/2014

Thank you to the decent person who turned our Nugget into the shelter. We are very grateful. God Bless.


Found 1 Truffles

Pet Owner: Louan M. (NJ)Pet Name: TrufflesDate Lost: 10/21/2014Date Found: 10/23/14

This is a great site. Thank you so much for being here for distraught pet owners.


Found 1 Bear

Pet Owner: heather m. (AZ)Pet Name: BearDate Lost: 10/16/2014Date Found: 10/23/14

Thanks to the beautiful flyers that made and faxed out, I was able to get my lost Pomeranian back. He was missing for a week and just a few days after the faxes and emails were sent, I got a call and He was brought home to me safe and sound.


Found 1 Maya

Pet Owner: Marqui C. (IA)Pet Name: MayaDate Lost: 10/13/2014Date Found: 10/14/14

This was not the first time Maya has gotten out, but it was the first time I used this site. It's always been incredibly stressful calling places with descriptions often having to leave messages and getting wrong numbers. contacted places around me that I wasn't even aware of along with the usuals. With pictures and every bit of info they could possibly need to help bring her home! Although we got lucky and Maya came back on her own this site was amazing and I'm certain would have brought her home!


Pet Owner: Arianne W. (WA)Pet Name: ChloeDate Lost: 10/12/2014Date Found: 10/13/14

This site was a great help. Thanks for helping in finding our furry family member.


Found 1 Lettie

Pet Owner: Ashley P. (TN)Pet Name: LettieDate Lost: 07/02/2014

I paid for the neighborhood phone tree and within 48 hours I had gotten several calls telling me where my babygirl was. If not for this I feel like she wouldn't have been found in time. She came back injured but whole and so happy to see her mommy. Thank you so much for offering this service. This was a godsend.


Found 1 Unknown

Pet Owner: Darcy I. (TX)Pet Name: UnknownDate Lost: 10/17/2014Date Found: 10/22/14

A sweet dog and loving family were able to be reunited because of this site! Thank you so much for all you do! I will always use this site when necessary and will spread the word!


Found 1 Kiwi

Pet Owner: Terry S. (AZ)Pet Name: KiwiDate Lost: 10/13/2014

I found kiwi ...I went to all the veteran hospitals and told them about him"on the 6 th day someone brought him in to check to see if he was lost...then the vets office called me and told me they thought they located him..


Found 1 ARIEL

Pet Owner: Gloria C. (OH)Pet Name: ARIELDate Lost: 10/03/2014Date Found: 10/21/14

I Had to edit the color of the lost shih tzu I had posted and made sure those emails were sent out. It was only a few hours later that I received the call from one of the recipients of the email. After 18 days and a thousand ways of looking, the lady happened to walk in and asked if anyone was looking for a dog like that......yep:) Guest who's getting a chip when she get's home!!!!!!!!!! Nope not me, the Shih tzu.
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