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Found 1 Sandi

Pet Owner: Jennifer P. (NC)Pet Name: SandiDate Lost: 09/23/2016Date Found: 09/28/16

Thanks to this service, we were able to notify local vets and shelters. When I called, they were already aware that our sweet girl was missing. Thank you again! We found her today!


Found 1 Nino

Pet Owner: correll y. (SC)Pet Name: NinoDate Lost: 09/18/2016Date Found: 09/27/16

Glad Nino was reunited with home safe and sound thanks to lost my doggie for their help and effort with finding Nino!!


Pet Owner: Leona O. (MA)Pet Name: Unsure found dog in st.Date Lost: 09/25/2016Date Found: 09/27/16

We found the dog NED's owner. The owner registered with the city and on Monday morning the city helped get Ned back home. Thank you city of Lowell.


Found 1 Thelonious

Pet Owner: Andrew E. (CA)Pet Name: TheloniousDate Lost: 08/27/2016Date Found: 09/26/16

Thank you so much for helping put the word out, we received lots of post from people looking in the area, as well as business owner on the street he was last seen putting up our flyer he printed out from the site!


Found 1 Dilly

Pet Owner: Jerry F. (AL)Pet Name: DillyDate Lost: 08/24/2016Date Found: 09/26/16 was so helpful in getting out the word about our lost dog! They sent emails and faxes to all of the local vets and shelters at no charge. In fact, we used the flyer they put together and someone saw it and called us, even though our dog had been missing for more than a month. Thanks so much for this hepful website and service!


Found 1 Gigi

Pet Owner: Jessica S. (MN)Pet Name: GigiDate Lost: 09/23/2016

I loved the convenience and directions provided so quickly. A wonderful young man found her not far from where she took off from. She was on a busy street hiding in a building doorway. Poor girl. He took her in and saw my plea's on Facebook and contacted me. I used the flyer provided by your company to post on Facebook. Awesome outcome for us! Thank you! Reunited and it feels SO good!!!


Found 1 Hunter

Pet Owner: Keyla S. (CA)Pet Name: HunterDate Lost: 09/25/2016

A neighbor in the area found my dog, thank you for providing this service!


Pet Owner: Gina M. (VA)Pet Name: KaiyaDate Lost: 09/16/2016

My dog was lost for 5 hours, trapped alone in the dark in the woods until I thankfully found her. Before I found her, in a panic I stumbled upon your website. The next morning I got calls from local pet shelters and organizations that received the flyers and alerts you sent out. I was so grateful and so impressed at the service you offer and have been praising and recommending it to every pet owner I know. I was blessed to find in the middle of the night, but the comfort you provided me is unexplainable. I thank you from the bottom of my heart! Sincerely, Gina Mcivor


Found 2 Church

Pet Owner: Terri W. (OH)Pet Name: ChurchDate Lost: 09/16/2016

We found Church a few days ago ! Thank god The site gave us some very helpful things to do in the advent of a lost cat ! I do believe that's why she made her way back to us ??


Found 1 Artemis

Pet Owner: Natalie S. (CA)Pet Name: ArtemisDate Lost: 09/06/2016

I am very grateful to this site for doing all the work that they did in helping me find my dog.


Pet Owner: Wendy K. (FL)Pet Name: UnknownDate Lost: 09/22/2016Date Found: 09/22/16

Great website, I posted the dog I found and within hours the owner saw the posting on Facebook for my area and was reunited with her owner tonite She was super happy to see him and he was just as happy to have her back. Great job lostmydoggie!


Found 1 RIGGS

Pet Owner: Denise C. (CA)Pet Name: RIGGSDate Lost: 09/21/2016

I just want to thank it was a great way to find your lost animal.


Found 1 Remington

Pet Owner: Jamilee M. (PA)Pet Name: RemingtonDate Lost: 09/21/2016Date Found: 09/21/16

This site was great for helping me find my dog. I was able to input his information and print flyers. Posting the flyers in my neighborhood are what helped me find him. One of my neighbors saw the sign and found him in a yard nearby. I was very grateful to have this site!


Pet Owner: Tina F. (IL)Pet Name: LadybirdDate Lost: 09/21/2016Date Found: 09/21/16

Posted my dog missing on this website and 20 minetes later I received a phone call from the vet saying they received a fax from this website of the info I put on there and it matched the description of my dog that they found. I didn't think posting online will work, but it did! Thanks alot! This website is very helpfull!


Found 1 Smokey

Pet Owner: Terry R. (KS)Pet Name: SmokeyDate Lost: 09/16/2016Date Found: 09/21/16

This is the second time I have used this service. I am still getting calls!!! Thank you for helping me find Smokey!!
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