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Found 1 onknown

Pet Owner: Bonnie S. (TN)Pet Name: onknownDate Lost: 01/25/2015Date Found: 01/28/15

So glad I found this web site. Was able to find owner of the lab that showed up at my house. The ad in the paper was how the owner found us but glad to know this web site is out there just in case I need to use it again. Thanks


Found 1 Chase

Pet Owner: Lisa P. (MD)Pet Name: ChaseDate Lost: 01/28/2015Date Found: 01/28/15

Thanks to Lost My Doggie I was able to find Chase within 4 hours.


Found 1 Thor

Pet Owner: Jessica a. (MO)Pet Name: ThorDate Lost: 01/27/2015Date Found: 01/28/15

I'm very happy with this site (: a local police officer saw my post and returned thor to my home! !!! (:


Pet Owner: Brian J. (ME)Pet Name: RocketDate Lost: 01/27/2015Date Found: 01/27/15

Thank you!!!! we received about 6 calls within 10 minutes of using the phone notification service....neighbors helped "track" where she had last been seen! She feels like she was on a great adventure"....while Mom & Dad were ready to barf !


Found 1 unkown

Pet Owner: s W. (TN)Pet Name: unkownDate Lost: 01/26/2015Date Found: 01/27/15

This site was easy to use and very efficient. With in hours the puppy I found was posted on many venues and the owner was able to locate her and I was able to return her home to a worried owner. Thank you for your fast work.


Found 2 Samuel

Pet Owner: JK H. (TX)Pet Name: SamuelDate Lost: 01/17/2015Date Found: 01/26/15

Although our Cat was found in the HOUSE and walked out of our Guest Room after 3 1/2 days. immediately sent out notices to all the surrounding businesses and Vets which instantly relieved our family in case our cat would of gotten out and someone would of found him and took him in and had his MICRO CHIP CHECKED. Thank you so much "LostMyDoggie" Your the BEST! JK


Found 1 Jack

Pet Owner: marnie p. (CA)Pet Name: JackDate Lost: 01/19/2015Date Found: 01/26/15

Great site ! Very helpful and folks are finding it!! Thank you!


Found 1 Jack

Pet Owner: Christina T. (FL)Pet Name: JackDate Lost: 01/18/2015Date Found: 01/20/15

I used LostMyDoggie when my two dogs ran off. Honestly, I didn't expect it to work due to the high amounts of lost dog listings I saw in my area. However, within a day I received notice that someone may have information on my dogs, and when I contacted them it turned out they matched my listings with some dogs found at the animal shelter. Within a few days I had both my pups back! If it weren't for this website they would probably still be in the shelter, alone and lost. Thanks so much!


Pet Owner: Allison b. (OK)Pet Name: DexterDate Lost: _01/15_/__/____Date Found: 01/16/15

This service is awesome I recomend it to anyone who has lost a pet. Thank you for this wonderful service.


Found 1 pepper

Pet Owner: kevin c. (CA)Pet Name: pepperDate Lost: 01/14/2015

Pepper was found! The good people Of citrus heights (and a very nice lady) found her and brought her home!! Yipee Thank you everyone!!


Found 1 noel

Pet Owner: monique g. (CA)Pet Name: noelDate Lost: 01/22/2015

I have found my baby an so happy with my experience using


Found 1 Missy

Pet Owner: Miranda P. (FL)Pet Name: MissyDate Lost: 01/25/2015Date Found: 01/25/15

Your website is awesome. Someone in our community was going to post and they saw her picture and posted a note on their mailbox which was seen by our neighbor.. Thank you so very much


Found 1 Dixie

Pet Owner: Taylor S. (NV)Pet Name: DixieDate Lost: 01/24/2015Date Found: 01/25/15

This is such a great service! Thank you for all you do!


Found 1 Puppy

Pet Owner: Norman N. (FL)Pet Name: PuppyDate Lost: 12/24/2014

In addition to the 750 zip-code calls Lost My Doggie put in to area residents, we put up about 1,500 posters of Puppy in the areas we believed we got reliable sightings of him. Monday, January 5,m at 3am a lady in the area Puppy was lost in sighted Puppy close to her front porch. She called me, I arrived, it was indeed Puppy-still in the same residential area he disappeared in 11 and 1/2 days before. Lost My Doggie phone calls alerting residents to lost Puppy, plus the posters plus relentless searching on bicycle and on foot asking for sightings in the area PLUS A LOT OF HELP FROM ABOVE got Puppy back.


Found 1 CLARA

Pet Owner: BRIAN B. (CA)Pet Name: CLARADate Lost: 01/16/2015

Thank you for your immediate follow upand sound advice on how to cOnduct a thorough search.
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