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Found 1 Unknown

Pet Owner: Mary Ann J. (WA)Pet Name: UnknownDate Lost: 10/13/2015Date Found: 10/13/15

Thank you for your wonderful work and services!


Found 1 Scruffy

Pet Owner: Cleo M. (TX)Pet Name: ScruffyDate Lost: 10/11/2015Date Found: 10/13/15

I was extremely blessed to have found my fur baby! I did get one call becuase of this site; however it was was not my dog.


Found 1 Bobbie

Pet Owner: T. G. (WV)Pet Name: BobbieDate Lost: 10/02/2015Date Found: 10/04/15

This site worked well. I would recommend that anyone using it go ahead and pay the couple bucks to list their phone number. When I initially submitted our lost report I didn't get any replies so the next day I included our phone number and we had a call in 24 hours.


Found 1 Buddy

Pet Owner: Lois E. (NC)Pet Name: BuddyDate Lost: 10/05/2015Date Found: 10/12/15

Our precious Buddy was found. Unfortunately it isn't a happy renunion. A neighbor found him but didn't inform us or the proper people. I feel he was going to keep him for himself. He kept Buddy in his basement preventing him from coming home. He was only a few yards from home. However Buddy did escape and I feel was on his way home, when he was supposedly gored by a deer on this man's property. He then just left Buddy there in his field. We drove up and saw Buddy lying there dead. This man saw that Buddy was a great dog and was well taken care of. If he had of checked with the local animal shelter he would have discovered that Buddy was reported as missing, and Buddy would be home with us today. What this man did is wrong and I don't see how he can live with hiself. There should be laws against this. We were thinking that maybe you could put a message on your web site. That if you find a lost dog do the right thing report it to the proper authorities help this dog find it's way home. I want to thank you for helping us in our time of need. I feel you website is helpful to so many people.


Found 1 Hanna

Pet Owner: Barbara P. (FL)Pet Name: HannaDate Lost: 10/08/2015Date Found: 10/08/15

I want to thank your company. It help me in learning what to do if I lost my dog. Thank you for helping me print out lost bulletins. Your company is the best. Barbara Phillips


Found 1 Dexter

Pet Owner: Diane B. (CT)Pet Name: DexterDate Lost: 09/24/2015Date Found: 10/12/15

Thank you to Lost my doggie for helping to Bring Dexter Home. Hanging flyers and your Robo call system helped to bring him home to us. Getting people to call us with sightings was key In helping to find him.


Found 1 Pickles

Pet Owner: Jasmine G. (MI)Pet Name: PicklesDate Lost: 10/09/2015Date Found: 10/11/15

My dog went missing on a Friday around 4 pm. Once I came home from work and realized she was gone, it was too late to put the flyers up at our local vets. Of course I posted them everye here else possible. sent faxes to our local vets on a Sunday morning. I received a call a few hours later from our vet! Someone dropped Pickles off Friday before they closed. Too late for them to take her to the shelter, so they kept her and took care of her. They were planning on dropping her off on Monday at the animal control shelter. Thankfully, they saw the fax that went through on Sunday morning!!! I know I would have been able to find her on monday, since I was going to go there on monday, and every day after till I found her. But this really led to a much faster, safer and happier reunion!!!!


Found 2 Captain Lucky

Pet Owner: Jamie C. (MD)Pet Name: Captain LuckyDate Lost: 10/04/2015Date Found: 10/11/15

This is a pretty cool website! Thanks so much for offering your electronic services, which extended and enhanced our family's personal efforts to find our missing cat. Our guy, Captain Lucky, came home on his own today (Oct. 11), after being MIA for a week. More than anything else, knowing that your site shared our information with local services in our area, was a tremendous relief to us while we continued our physical search for our fur baby. This story has a happy ending, and we wish that all pet parents will be reunited with their missing fur babies. Thank you for being there for us!


Found 1 Skippy

Pet Owner: Deborah C. (TN)Pet Name: SkippyDate Lost: 10/08/2015Date Found: 10/11/15

Our little Sheltie was just found dead on the side of the road. He was trying to get back to us and was very close. The man who called us was able to locate us because I had put the fliers out that you provided. While my heart is breaking right now, at least I was able to go get our baby and bring him home to bury.


Found 1 Mini

Pet Owner: Kirt C. (NC)Pet Name: MiniDate Lost: 10/10/2015Date Found: 10/10/15

This site really works. My little girl Mini was found by the Scotland County humain soceity. They saw my post matched up the info and picture and called me. Thank you all so much. Kirk Coastal Cleaner Interior and Exterior Cleaning.


Found 1 Spencer

Pet Owner: Catherine M. (TN)Pet Name: SpencerDate Lost: 10/07/2015Date Found: 10/09/15

We ultimately found our missing dog through a local Facebook page but I was so impressed with your services. It was so helpful to have faxes sent to all of our local veterinarians. We printed fliers from your template. Thank you so much! Your service brought organization and simplicity in the midst of our frantic search.


Found 1 Eddie

Pet Owner: Phillip C. (TX)Pet Name: EddieDate Lost: 09/23/2015Date Found: 09/25/15

I posted about my dog, Eddie, on a variety of websites dedicated to helping find lost pets. I can't say that specifically is the reason Eddie returned home, but such a platform even existing did. LostMyDoggie helped me locate and return my dog home safely because it gave a voice to people like me for an issue that occurs all the time. I'm glad that LostMyDoggie played a part in bringing my big boy home.


Found 1 Caidy

Pet Owner: Lisa A. (OK)Pet Name: CaidyDate Lost: 10/02/2015Date Found: 10/09/15

Thank you for assisting with notifying all the pet shelters and vets in the area. The flyer you gave was wonderful. We are so grateful to have our dog back.


Found 1 Unknown

Pet Owner: Becky S. (NC)Pet Name: UnknownDate Lost: 10/07/2015Date Found: 10/09/15

Awesome site to you for lost and found animals! Thanks for your help!!!


Pet Owner: Kathy D. (FL)Pet Name: JasmineDate Lost: 10/08/2015Date Found: 10/09/15

Your site helped guide me through reporting our Jasmine lost. It was basic and thorough and step by step which matters so much to a distraught owner. Other people also saw it even though it was late at night and posted it on facebook .Our vet office even called us this morning to ask if we got her back. Your web site prompted me to report who our Vet was and someone saw it, faxed the info to them. I am amazed, thankful and so impressed that so many strangers share a love for a precious and helpless animal family member.
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