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Found 1 Feebee  615-483-3310

Pet Owner: Babs m. (TN)Pet Name: Feebee 615-483-3310Date Lost: 07/14/2016

thank you so much feebee was found . 3 days later and thank you for all your tips.


Found 1 unknowmn

Pet Owner: Penelope P. (FL)Pet Name: unknowmnDate Lost: 06/12/2016

This site helped me find 2 dogs. Good job!!


Found 1 Pinpin

Pet Owner: Emma S. (NY)Pet Name: PinpinDate Lost: 07/15/2016Date Found: 07/22/16

Your site had actually helped me locate my lost pup . I am amazed at how fast I located her. I will recommend your site to all my friends that are puppy owners . Thank you


Found 1 Honey

Pet Owner: David V. (CA)Pet Name: HoneyDate Lost: 07/20/2016

Found my baby girl within hours of reporting her missing on this site, thank you so much!! Will definitely recommend to anyone in need of their help.


Found 1 Hannah

Pet Owner: Doc S. (NC)Pet Name: HannahDate Lost: 07/04/2016

We found Hannah in the woods off of Chimney Rock after 12 days. God gave us a miracle and now she is back home with us


Found 1 Red

Pet Owner: Johanna V. (TX)Pet Name: RedDate Lost: 07/04/2016Date Found: 07/18/16

Lost my was very helpfu and it was a great way to communicate with others who have lost their dogs as well. This was a great site and I loved how within a few minutes of purchasing phone calls were made and I received 3 phone class from those messages that were sent out.


Found 1 Jimmy

Pet Owner: Gina C. (CA)Pet Name: JimmyDate Lost: 07/16/2016Date Found: 07/21/16

I'm so thankful for this site as Jimmy found his way to a loving family and Elizabeth went above and beyond to reunite us!!!! He somehow made his way to their home..which was not at all close to where he was lost. In my desperation to find him, I had explained he had never been outside unless he was in my arms. So for him to survive and make it all the way to their home is a miracle in there is so much traffic and hot weather.I would like to again thank Elizabeth and her family...this wonderful site... Don't give up!!! People care and this so does site!!!!


Found 1 Susie

Pet Owner: Tanya C. (AL)Pet Name: SusieDate Lost: 07/17/2016Date Found: 07/20/16 is awesome they helped me find my dog in a matter of hrs and very polite and understanding I will recommend them to whoever may need them


Found 1 Lewis

Pet Owner: Margery G. (TX)Pet Name: LewisDate Lost: 07/20/2016Date Found: 07/20/16

Our dog was found only 20 minuets after posting on your site! Thank you very much!


Found 1 Sasha

Pet Owner: Philip W. (CA)Pet Name: SashaDate Lost: 07/10/2016Date Found: 07/18/16

Hi all, Losing our family dog was a really challenging time for us. I know how hopeless it can feel. Although this site wasn't directly responsible for reuniting us with our dog, it did give some piece of mind knowing there are others helping in the search efforts. Thank you for providing much needed services! Phil


Found 1 Mollie

Pet Owner: Zet C. (VA)Pet Name: MollieDate Lost: 07/06/2016

Thank you! It was such a comfort to know that the word was getting out so that others could help. What a great resource this is for bringing families back together!


Pet Owner: Cheng O. (CA)Pet Name: KissesDate Lost: 07/10/2016

July 20,2016 Subject:Found lost dog ( Kisses ) Dear Friends, Last week, a concern citizen have notified us about our missing dog. Kisses was found wandering in Milpitas and the whole family was excited to see her back. We are thankful to all who helped search for her. Have a good week and God bless you all. Kisses and family


Found 1 Cash

Pet Owner: Myisha G. (NY)Pet Name: CashDate Lost: 07/17/2016Date Found: 07/20/16

OMG this site was so helpful and had it not been for the awesome process of this site, we wouldn't have found Cash. I was a little skeptical at first but then the calls starting coming through and I started calling and realized that my flyer was out there and I felt a some comfort in that.


Found 1 Buffy Star

Pet Owner: Christine W. (FL)Pet Name: Buffy StarDate Lost: 07/09/2016Date Found: 07/11/16 was easy to use during this horrible time. I was driving around calling every animal organization in three cities, and one of the veterinary hospitals already had received a fax with Buffy's information. It was one of the few things that reassured me. Also, she was missing for the first full day on a Sunday when many places were closed. was available to me and I was able to continue searching for her. Thank you so much!!!


Found 1 Four Baxter Bianes

Pet Owner: Annabel B. (CA)Pet Name: Four Baxter BianesDate Lost: 07/13/2016Date Found: 07/19/16

I really love the service provided me when my dogs were lost. I'm happy to report my dogs were found and returned to us. Now, whenever I get an alert on my account, I make sure to share it with my network.
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