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Found 1 Chance

Pet Owner: Jennifer W. (WA)Pet Name: ChanceDate Lost: 10/12/2016Date Found: 10/13/16

I cannot say enough good things about my experience with! The process of entering the information and uploading a picture was quick and easy. Within minutes of submitting my information for the free alert option, I had a call with an offer for the phone call option. I knew my pup was close to home but we live in a rural area so I took advantage of the offer. I added some details about his disappearance in the comments section. With in a few minutes I received a call which was the alert call regarding my dog. It was a lovely (real, human) voice giving details about my sweet dog and some of the notes I made. Clearly, they had looked at his picture and had an accurate description of him in the message. To be honest, I wasn't sure if the phone call would really go out to the homes nearest mine or if everyone would be called. Within a few minutes of the call, I received a call from a neighbor who had my dog. Later that evening, I received another call from a neighbor who had seen him the night prior and received a voicemail from about him. Less than 24 hours after our dog was scared off, we had him back. I'm so impressed and thankful! THANK YOU! I'm a forever fan! I've told everyone I can about the amazing service you offer that brings our fur babies home!


Found 1 Eugene

Pet Owner: Mary Jo B. (IN)Pet Name: EugeneDate Lost: 10/24/2016Date Found: 10/24/16

Eugene was verified by the photo I attached to at the Humane Society, and they called me to let me know he was there and I could pick him up. Thank you for getting the word out!


Found 1 Shadow

Pet Owner: Asha D. (WA)Pet Name: ShadowDate Lost: 10/23/2016

Thanks for letting us use your service. We found our boy!


Found 2 Jax

Pet Owner: Jennifer J. (CO)Pet Name: JaxDate Lost: 10/22/2016

This is a great service offered for free! I was fortunate enough to find him hiding in the basement; but had he actually gotten out of the house I'm so thankful there is to help out feelers out in the community.


Found 1 Link

Pet Owner: KRISTY C. (CA)Pet Name: LinkDate Lost: 10/22/2016Date Found: 10/23/16

Thank you so much for this service. Found my Link after 8 hours of being on this service. Truly a miracle, thank you. And it didn't cost me a penny. I am forever grateful. Xoxo!!


Found 2 Misty

Pet Owner: Evie M. (CA)Pet Name: MistyDate Lost: 10/18/2016Date Found: 10/22/16

This site made me feel happy that I was doing SOMETHING to help get our kitty home. She turned up in our backyard


Found 1 Charlie

Pet Owner: Jon S. (WI)Pet Name: CharlieDate Lost: 10/12/2016

We where actually able to find charlie a few days later. I suppose that one good thing about small towns; put a lost dog on facebook, and people tend to talk.


Found 1 Harvey

Pet Owner: Victoria M. (NY)Pet Name: HarveyDate Lost: 10/22/2016Date Found: 10/22/16

My dog walked out the front door this afternoon and no one saw. My mother realized almost 20 minutes later and starting looking for him immediately. An hour later when she still couldn't find him she called me hysterically crying and agonizing over our missing dog. We searched for Harvey (our dog) for hours! and I thought of looking up some sort of way of putting out an alert for him. I googled "I lost my dog what do I do?" and lost my doggie came up. I made my profile, submitted a picture of Harvey and literally within minutes I had a phone call from an organization called "Queens Lost and Found Pets" saying they got a call from someone who found Harvey!!!!!! I burst into tears as I spoke to the lady, and thanked her generously. My sister picked up Harvey a few minutes later and brought him home. Thank you so much to everyone who helped find my precious Harvey! I never wish this upon any pet owner, and I only hope I could help reunite other pets with their owner if there ever a need! THANK YOU!


Found 1 Arlo

Pet Owner: Jose T. (CA)Pet Name: ArloDate Lost: 10/20/2016Date Found: 10/21/16

The local shelter had him and got the email/fax that the service sent. Less than 24 hours he was found. So happy he's home! Thanks so much!


Found 1 Lacey

Pet Owner: Ralph C. (FL)Pet Name: LaceyDate Lost: 10/18/2016Date Found: 10/21/16

Thank You Lost my lacey was found on 10/21/2016 AT 1:38 PM thank god for people and sites like yours Ralph


Found 1 Lilah

Pet Owner: Andy G. (CA)Pet Name: LilahDate Lost: 10/19/2016Date Found: 10/19/16

Very useful!


Found 1 Mila

Pet Owner: Denise A. (NJ)Pet Name: MilaDate Lost: 10/10/2016 was an invaluable tool in helping to locate our lost dog. It reached so many people and garnered a ton of community support in helping to find her. Thank you!


Found 1 Koda

Pet Owner: Halen F. (TN)Pet Name: KodaDate Lost: 10/09/2016

Made more free time to go out and look for my dog without having to worry about an online presence, allowing us to find our baby.


Pet Owner: Cathy K. (AL)Pet Name: Ping PongDate Lost: 10/09/2016Date Found: 10/18/16

I'd like to Thank You for having this free service available in order to help all those who have lost a little piece of love from their family. Though to some they are called pets but to others such as myself when you have " a pet " in your family for as long as we had Ping Pong, our cat, in ours he became a family member! We were lucky to have found him on the treet behind us where someone had taken off his collar and had tried to keep him for themselves!! I Thank You again for having this service available, it does mean a big difference in finding your loved one or not!!


Found 1 KD

Pet Owner: Ed N. (GA)Pet Name: KDDate Lost: 10/10/2016Date Found: 10/18/16

Lost my Doggie was great. In my case it wasn't because of Lost my Doggie that she was found but I was really impressed with how many people and businesses were notified that she was missing. It gave me peace of mind knowing that that part of the search was being taken care of. It gave me less to do in our quest to find my dad's missing dog. Hopefully we won't need their services again but if we do I will not hesitate to use Losy My Doggie again.
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