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Found 1 Princess Gigi

Pet Owner: Christy T. (CA)Pet Name: Princess GigiDate Lost: 02/18/2015

If it weren't for, I would not have connected with the person who had my baby! Thank you for all your help!


Found 1 Romy

Pet Owner: Thomas P. (NY)Pet Name: RomyDate Lost: 03/01/2015Date Found: 03/01/15

we are so happy to report that Romy was found. This website was a great help with having the ability to send out a message for all animal lovers in the area to help. As much as you were helpful I hope to never have to use your website again. If the time comes I will definitely come back and seek your help. My Family thanks you. with much love and gratitude.. The Barboza Family


Found 1 JUMP

Pet Owner: brian M. (TN)Pet Name: JUMPDate Lost: 02/19/2015

Web site is fast and awesome, Thank You


Found 1 Giblet

Pet Owner: Tina B. (OK)Pet Name: GibletDate Lost: 02/20/2015Date Found: 02/21/15

I'm thrilled with the results of 30 minutes I received an alert that someone had found my dog. I highly recommend this site. Thank you for getting Giblet home!


Found 1 Unknown

Pet Owner: Adriana E M. (IL)Pet Name: UnknownDate Lost: 02/26/2015Date Found: 03/01/15

This site allowed a family member to find us, so the dog could be reunited with her Mom. Thank you!



Pet Owner: america p. (CA)Pet Name: WISHBONEDate Lost: 02/15/2015Date Found: 02/28/15

Thank u very much your flyers were very hopeful for people to distinguish WISHBONE and we were receiving calls of locations were he was seen !!!!! My sister is Finally smiling and so grateful for all.the help!!


Pet Owner: wendy j. (NV)Pet Name: CrypticDate Lost: 02/25/2015

A wonderful angel of a woman, found him and took great care of him. Cryptic was just brought home. :)


Pet Owner: ellen s. (TN)Pet Name: KATIEDate Lost: 02/27/2015

my maltese was found around 10 pm. Thank you to the people who found her and called me. I cannot put into words how much this means to me. Thank you all so much.


Found 1 punky

Pet Owner: paul r. (FL)Pet Name: punkyDate Lost: 02/13/2015Date Found: 02/28/15

Our dog had run away for some reason. He never did this in the six years we had him. faxed the local volunteer fire department and they found him after two weeks of being lost. We are very happy with the service. Paul and Jo Ann Raimondo


Found 1 Frankie/Scottie

Pet Owner: Pamela R. (CO)Pet Name: Frankie/ScottieDate Lost: 02/26/2015

I have to say that having your pet microchipped works. A complete stranger found him "Kyle" was at the right place at the right time. Thank God.


Found 1 Chato

Pet Owner: Clara S. (CA)Pet Name: ChatoDate Lost: 12/31/2014

Your service was great. I went to my local animal shelter to see if Chato was there and they already had my flyer for Chato. A few days later, I received a call from the animal shelter. They had booked him in. Photo and all. I bailed him out and now he's home and happy with my mother. He is my mother's dog.


Found 1 lil man

Pet Owner: Thomas C. (MO)Pet Name: lil manDate Lost: 02/16/2015

Update 2/21/15 tr - REUNITED Thanks to a great community member, Sarah Showers, this kid has been reunited with his owner. Lil Man was found by Sarah in South ...City on Michigan and Holly Hills. Social Media once again has prevailed. Thank you to Kathy Duncan for her keen eye and staying on top of it. It is obvious how Lil Man wound up in South City, they even changed out his collar. But thanks to a great community of dog lovers, they have been reunited and they were both very excited to see each other. Thomas Corey - Sarah and Kathy Dunkin are two angels sent from heaven. Such a great reminder that there is still caring people out there in this world. Living in Ferguson Mo with the things I’ve seen lately that was a much needed reminder. I frantically searched for Little Man since Monday night; while Lue Lue (my cat) and Patches (my other dog) sat each day looking out the window hoping Little Man would come home. I took off work and drove all day and night searching and posting flyers. Getting leads while searching and jumped on each one; but only to come up with false sightings. At one point during my search I realized I drove non stop for 8 hours. Then came the storms and cold temperatures made me worry even more. In addition to washing many of my recent flyer postings on poles; I had to go back and redo them. Of course thinking a little clearer, using sheet protectors this time. I must have visited over 100 light poles and even trespassed on private properties. Thank god I wasn’t shot. But paying a few hundred dollars for one of those pet search services recommended by the St, Louis county animals control was a very smart move. My flyer went everywhere with calls made out to 5000f people. I even met many people that received the call from the service I was provided during my ground search. Yes, social media worked and basically gave two caring people an added means of being caring as they obviously are in their daily lives. Yes Sarah and Kathy found my Dog who has been a family member for over 6 years. I owe them a great deal of gratitude for bringing my boy home. Kathy with her caring heart and good eye and Sarah who was even able to catch my Little Man which I know is a hard thing to do. Plus her quickness and her kindness to drive the long distance to get Little Man to me so he could get his medicine he desperately needed; was just great. I think Sarah probably realized at this point I would not be very good at comprehending directions, so she brought my boy home immediately to me. Yes, there are still caring people out there in this world. I found that out today. Thank you so much Sarah and Kathy for bringing Little Man home. Lue Lue and Patches thanks you too. Though Lue Lue is still a little pissed at Little Man for running off. She even hissed at him when he came home and she usually hugs him all the time. I think those two are in love.


Found 1 Storm

Pet Owner: Amy L. (PA)Pet Name: StormDate Lost: 02/27/2015

We found our dog within 6 hours! Thank you so much


Found 1 Morus

Pet Owner: Marta Z. (IL)Pet Name: MorusDate Lost: 02/21/2015Date Found: 02/27/15

Dog has been found:) Thank you for all your help.!


Found 1 Carmelo

Pet Owner: Martina G. (TX)Pet Name: CarmeloDate Lost: 02/16/2015

My Aunt Gladys and her friend Debbie Jones made some signs that are different than any I have ever seen. They were large, stick in the ground posters with an 8 by 10 picture of Carmelo and the information in large black letters stating that there was a reward and how to contact the family. On Sunday, we received a call from a man who said he was on his way to the grocery store to buy milk when he saw the sign and wrote down the information. All of the other signs that were posted on poles were either torn down or too little for people to see. I truly believe the different type of sign was the sole reason I got my dog back! Thank-you for your help!!!
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