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Found 1 Bandit

Pet Owner: Brandie W. (PA)Pet Name: BanditDate Lost: 08/20/2014Date Found: 08/25/14

Lostmydoggie was the first site that jumped out at me to help me in my search. I used the free resources for the poster and the emails and the faxes. Although i can not confirm or deny the emails or faxes i did use the list provided and faxed a copy of the flyer myself. There happened to be a dog listed close to by house that was the same breed, color, found on the day I lost my dog and within a few miles of my house in the found doggie list. I tried putting in several requests for the person who found this dog to contact me. They did not but when I contacted Lostmydoggie, they helped me in a quick and professional manner that was calming in a time off pure frustration. They were able to give me enough information so I knew I had to move on. Even though it was not my dog if it weren't for the flyers I printed right from the site the person who did have my dog would not have been able to reach me. Thank you so much for the service, and I will ALWAYS refer you to anyone who may need you.


Found 1 Mason

Pet Owner: Samantha P. (CA)Pet Name: MasonDate Lost: 08/25/2014Date Found: 08/25/14

Thank you so much. Your website brought my dog back home within 30 minutes of me entering my information on here. I am so thankful to have found it. My family has so much love in our hearts for the people who are responsible for this site. Thank you again so much.


Found 1 Jessie

Pet Owner: Jennifer D. (ID)Pet Name: Jessie Date Lost: 08/24/2014Date Found: 08/25/14

I LOVE! This is a wonderful site that was very helpful for us. Losing our dog was overwhelming and we didn't know where to start. Thank you so much for your help! We appreciate you!! Jennifer Drake


Found 1 Samson

Pet Owner: Lorene P. (TX)Pet Name: SamsonDate Lost: 08/18/2014

Samson has come home!!!!!! Thank You sooooo much.


Pet Owner: Tracey k. (IL)Pet Name: sirusDate Lost: 08/15/2014

I have found Sirus but thank you for the help.


Found 2 Meeko

Pet Owner: Cindy L. (FL)Pet Name: MeekoDate Lost: 08/14/2014Date Found: 08/23/14

My cat was missing for 9 days. We recently moved to a new area and he got out one night. He was an indoor/outdoor cat at our last home but I was hoping he would be indoor only at the new home. He did get out and was not there in the morning. I called during dawn and dusk and posted the "lost my doggie" flyers everywhere! A neighbor saw the flyer and called and sure enough, my cat was hiding across the street. He is very hungry and thirsty but in good shape. He was very close to home which was very surprising because I was probably right near him and calling for him but he did not respond like he normally would do. Posting flyers is the best thing to do and make sure they are waterproof. If the cops take them down, just put them right back up!!


Found 1 Mitzi

Pet Owner: Kris W. (OR)Pet Name: MitziDate Lost: 08/22/2014Date Found: 08/23/14

When I woke up one morning, my beloved Boston Terrier had disappeared. There were no doors or windows opened for her to escape through so how she got out was a mystery. I was frantic to find her. I found this website & was able to make an account with ease. Registration was extremely easy & the account set up took next to no time at all. Not to mention how user friendly it is. The service I chose was the free service which would normally be the worst option. But I was able to copy a flyer that was pre-made upon completion of registration. I printed out several & posted them around town. Within 24 hours, I had my baby back. This website is wonderful & I'd recommend it to anyone with a lost pet.


Found 1 Boomer

Pet Owner: Monica C. (NY)Pet Name: BoomerDate Lost: 08/19/2014Date Found: 08/22/14

After four very long days of heartache and fear for our 9 month old pup. He was found. I stumbled upon and decided to give them a chance. I am very pleased with the results...I do not know for sure how big of a role lostmydoggie played in Boomer being found, but the immediate creation on the flyers was great, saving us precious time. Also, knowing that 500 calls went out to my neighbors made me feel we had a good chance to find him. And I know they went out because a few neighbors called me to let me know they had received the call. I would recommend lostmydoggie to anyone who finds themselves in the same heartbreaking situation. Thank you for your service. Monica Czerniuk


Pet Owner: Carolyn S. (CA)Pet Name: HankDate Lost: 08/21/2014

I spent all day looking for Hank. He is a house cat so I didn't think he would go far. But with all the noise outside (traffic, guys working on re-doing a roof, children) I figured he was hiding somewhere. Turned out he was. Once it got dark, about 8:30, I went up and down the street calling for him, and shaking his cat food bowl. Hank knows the sound of dry cat food in a bowl. I saw some thick bushes around trees about a half block away. I starting calling his name there. I started to go and I heard a rustling sound. Then I saw to glowing eyes. Hank slowly crawled out. He was really afraid. I spoke softly to him and moved slowly too. As soon as I was within grabbing range, I snagged him in my arms. Got him home without a problem. First time I have ever found a lost cat. Hank was very happy to be home. What a relief! Carolyn


Pet Owner: shannon p. (KY)Pet Name: ellaDate Lost: 08/19/2014Date Found: 08/22/14

I was unsure about doing this website. However i went aheadand tried it. We dound our dog hours later. They seny flyers to the vets i called thw vet to see. I wld recommend this.


Found 1 Lizzie

Pet Owner: Teddy J. (FL)Pet Name: LizzieDate Lost: 08/12/2014Date Found: 08/13/14

Going to definitely helped with our finding Lizzie! I don't regret using their services at all!


Found 1 Shadow

Pet Owner: Kim E. (NC)Pet Name: ShadowDate Lost: 08/12/2014

I have used LostMyDoggie on two occasions. The first time did result in my finding out that my pet had been hit by a car. Although this was the worst possible news, it relieved me of what had become sleepless nights and days spent calling shelters and posting flyers. This time, I am happy to report that my dog was found and all is well in our multi-pet household. This is a great service that I always recommend to others who have the need of help in finding a lost pet


Found 1 Jack

Pet Owner: Mike B. (LA)Pet Name: JackDate Lost: 08/19/2014Date Found: 08/20/14

This service literally ensured I found my dog Jack and found him fast. His tag somehow fell off while he was lost. A family found him and was able to connect with me based on an email sent by this service to all area veterinarians. This service is a must for all pet owners.


Found 1 Suky

Pet Owner: evangelina C. (IN)Pet Name: SukyDate Lost: 08/06/2014Date Found: 08/20/14

asking people in my neighborhood, I found it!...Thank's


Found 1 ABBY

Pet Owner: Humberto C. (FL)Pet Name: ABBYDate Lost: 08/11/2014

Its great having support during stressful times when one of our family members is lost. provided necessary tools like flyer and email/ faxes to all the local pet business which really would have taken me a lot more time. They made it so easy to produce those tools that i would highly recommend them to anyone that has lost their pet. Ours is back home safe.
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