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Found 1 Malo

Pet Owner: Annia R. (CA)Pet Name: MaloDate Lost: 11/15/2014

I found my dog on a day of the posting; pictures of him were sent to every single pet store and a veterinary office in a matter of minutes, it worked as an Amber Alert. Very happy with your service, and I will recommend to everybody going through a painful lost of your pet . Thank you Annia's Rendon :)


Found 1 Rocky

Pet Owner: Brenda W. (NC)Pet Name: RockyDate Lost: 11/19/2014Date Found: 11/26/14

Your site was a great comfort while our guy was having his midlife travels! Though we found him on another site, it was so great to know that I had announcements out and around my area because of your site. I will recommend to all pet owners I know should they ever have a need! Blessings, Brenda


Found 2 Coconut

Pet Owner: Jamie H. (OR)Pet Name: CoconutDate Lost: 11/20/2014Date Found: 11/25/14

This is a great website! When I lost my cat Coconut I didn't know where to start as far as online searching,then I came upon and once I filled out the form.. They did all the work for me!! And for FREE! THANK YOU SO MUCH, J


Found 1 unknown

Pet Owner: Joe B. (MI)Pet Name: unknownDate Lost: 11/24/2014Date Found: 11/25/14

The owner saw a flier this website sent out in a window and got in contact with us. they got their dog back the same day.


Found 1 POE

Pet Owner: Penny C. (NC)Pet Name: POEDate Lost: 11/15/2014Date Found: 11/17/14

Penny Clarke Salisbury NC This service is amazing! I can't say enough have grateful I am for it. My shorkie Poe was lost on Saturday Nov 16th. On Sunday my granddaughter found this site, and I ordered the alert service. Immediately the calls went out to my neighbors as promised. I know this because several of them called. On Monday morning the lady that had found Poe called me and he was home again, safe and sound. Do not hesitate to use this. The staff is caring, and give the sense of urgency that this situation deserves. Your message preview is sent out to make sure it's correct and immediately delivered as promised. It is money well spent when you find yourself in this unfortunate situation. Again many thanks to the wonderful people who do this service.


Found 1 Piper

Pet Owner: Lynne S. (OH)Pet Name: PiperDate Lost: 11/22/2014

Hello, I am just glad to know that there is a website out there that can assist in the tragic process of looking for and trying to be reunited with your pet. We were able to get the word out quickly and get posters to hand out door to door and hang on telephone poles. Thanks anagin for your help and service, Lynne


Found 1 S0uded

Pet Owner: Debbie N. (FL)Pet Name: S0udedDate Lost: 11/23/2014

My dog Suede ran out the front door on a stormy afternoon yesterday. We are new to our neighbooorhood, only there a month, so he was not known by the neighbors. Several of us searched for hours for him with no luck. I was unable to put up signs due to the weather. My neighbor suggested to check on google for help. I found your site and opted to use your free service. Thank God I did. Your service sent out notifications to the local vets among otheres and when the lady that found Suede called Bevis vet in Tallahassee they told her they had received a report of a missing dog. in the Piney Z area. They gave her my phone number and she called me. She reassured me that he was fine and I will be picking him up after work. Thanks to your service, Suede will be hoome with me by 5 tonight. Thank youfor offering a service that is free. I would highly reccomend your service to anyoe who has a lost pet. Thanks again. Debbie


Pet Owner: Emily O. (AR)Pet Name: RumleaDate Lost: 11/07/2014

Thank Ya'll. With the help of this site my Rumlea was found. Our neighbors had stolen him n someone read bout him on site and contacted me. Bow he is home and safe. Thanks to everybody.


Pet Owner: Emily O. (AR)Pet Name: RumleaDate Lost: 11/07/2014

Thank Ya'll. With the help of this site my Rumlea was found. Our neighbors had stolen him n someone read bout him on site and contacted me. Bow he is home and safe. Thanks to everybody.


Found 1 Lucky

Pet Owner: Bridgette A. (CA)Pet Name: LuckyDate Lost: 11/13/2014

We are so happy that our lucky is home!


Found 1 Sally

Pet Owner: Steve C. (AL)Pet Name: SallyDate Lost: 11/19/2014

On November 19th, 2014, our twelve year old Golden Retriever was missing from our fenced in backyard. We have a dog door and an electric shock collar, as well as a chain link fenced in yard. She somehow managed to escape those safe guards and we discovered her missing upon our return from work. That evening my husband drove the roads in our area and spoke to many neighbor's. On Thursday and Friday my husband searched shelters and neighborhood, with no luck. We made flyers and on Saturday as my husband was posting the flyers and I was using my social media to search for Sally and posting my lost pet post, Steve received the call that she was found. He was able to immediately recovery Sally and bring her home to her waiting family. Had she not been found and I knew of this site earlier, I would have posted on here from day one.


Found 1 Yoda

Pet Owner: Patricia J. (FL)Pet Name: YodaDate Lost: 11/20/2014Date Found: 11/22/14

Thanks to the "Animal Alert" that offers, my dog was returned to me safe and sound. I would definitely recommend this service to anyone who has lost their pet. My vets office recommended that I use this site over all the others and I'm so glad I did!


Found 1 Zeus

Pet Owner: Deborah W. (GA)Pet Name: ZeusDate Lost: 11/22/2014Date Found: 11/22/14

This is a wonderful service. I was contacted by animal control because they saw the flyer on the site. Although, it was not my dog, it was a dog that looked a lot like my dog. It is good knowing that the flyers are sent out quickly to ensure a speedy return. If and when I come across lost dogs I will post to this site and encourage all pet owners about this site. It is truly awesome! I found my dog in the neighborhood via flyers. Someone was walking and he followed them home and they kept him safe.


Found 1 Morgan

Pet Owner: Janice D. (MI)Pet Name: MorganDate Lost: 11/17/2014Date Found: 11/21/14

This service was great! Using this allowed is to easily and quickly contact all local vets, and that is exactly how our dog was found. We assumed most people knew to contact the humane society, but with our dog, that was not the case. So glad we used this service.


Found 1 Kiwi

Pet Owner: Ryan G. (CA)Pet Name: KiwiDate Lost: 11/16/2014Date Found: 11/20/14

Kiwi found her way back home. I just wanna thank this site. I was in a panic knowing that kiwi was out of my reach scared and alone. I really do appreciate the help of sending out info to local vets and shelters. She was found by some hikers that had seen the flyers this site created for free. I cant honestly thank this site enough, that and the angels who actually spotted her and gave me the call. Life is GRAND again!
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