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Found 2 Noir

Pet Owner: Charlie L. (NM)Pet Name: NoirDate Lost: 11/20/2015Date Found: 11/23/15

We are so thankful for your service. My husband is so happy to have noir back home


Found 1 Tuck

Pet Owner: Jeanette P. (VA)Pet Name: TuckDate Lost: 11/29/2015Date Found: 11/29/15

We heard a noise outside at nearly midnight, and my other dog Wally began to bark. It wasn't his normal bark. I immediately ran to the door and when I opened it, I saw Tuck standing at the end of the sidewalk. He immediately ran inside and was greeted with hugs and kisses from all family members, including his boon companion Wally. Tuck was relatively warm and dry, so I know that some good Samaritan took care of him while he was missing for 10 hours. In 40 degree rainy weather, they kept him safe & returned him safe. I'm so grateful. And I'm grateful for LostMyDoggie. I knew the broadcast calls in the neighborhood would help, and I printed dozens of flyers using the site tools. I like to think that the person who helped Tuck was one of those people who got the call and decided to do the right thing. Since he was found so well cared for in front of my door, I think they knew him, and the call brought our search for Tuck into focus for them.. What a reunion! We're so thrilled Tuck is back home again!


Found 1 Sissy Bear

Pet Owner: Amber B. (NC)Pet Name: Sissy BearDate Lost: 11/27/2015Date Found: 11/29/15

Sissy went missing 11/27 someone seen the flyer from this sight and we got Sissy back all the way from Boone NC we live in Wilkesboro NC 45 minutes away. We thought she was dead. returned home safe, sound, and well fed 11-29-15. I give this site an a++++ rating. Now to bring Zoey home. I hope its soon :D


Pet Owner: Andrea W. (VA)Pet Name: LucyDate Lost: 11/28/2015Date Found: 11/29/15

I did not know about this website until about 3 or 4 weeks ago when I got a robo call. The call stuck in my head. When a friend was visiting for Thanksgiving who had just moved to the area, his dog ran off because she is gun shy and it is hunting season. We searched the neighborhood. with no luck, and immediately found this website. Posted flyers early afternoon on my way to work, robo calls started around 1:00pm or so, and had a message at 8:00 pm. I know this is not always the case, but a 24 hour turnaround is impressive and Lucy is so happy to be back with Dad. Thanks again!! Andrea


Found 1 Sebastian  (Bash)

Pet Owner: Lisa K. (CT)Pet Name: Sebastian (Bash)Date Lost: 11/25/2015Date Found: 11/29/15

This service does what seems to be an impossible feet when you need immediate action. The phone calls and flyers created so much awareness that the entire community was on the look out for my little boy. Invaluable! Thank you.


Found 1 Unknown

Pet Owner: Stephanie M. (TN)Pet Name: UnknownDate Lost: 11/26/2015Date Found: 11/29/15

My fiance and I found this dog on Thanksgiving. We knew he belonged to someone, given his appearance, so we were trying very hard to get the word out we had him. While searching websites, I stumbled upon this one. It is fantastic! This website, since it sends out e-mails and faxes to local shelters and vets, was the reason we were able to find the owner and reunite Kush with his family. I will absolutely be recommending this website to anyone who is looking for or has found a dog.


Found 1 Roxie

Pet Owner: Elizabeth S. (TX)Pet Name: RoxieDate Lost: 11/26/2015Date Found: 11/28/15

I was very pleased in the responses I received from communications (faxes, etc.) sent to local businesses to assist in locating our dog. I would definitely use this site, if needed in the future.


Found 1 Khloe

Pet Owner: Kurt W. (FL)Pet Name: KhloeDate Lost: 11/07/2015Date Found: 11/27/15

I felt absolutely hopeless!! I was in Europe for three weeks and my in-laws who wanted to watch my dog Khloe left their door open and she left. After returning home to the states I didn't know where to look. I just set up an account with and within less than 24 hrs I got phone calls from people in the area where my dog was lost. Within two hours after my first call I had my dog in my hands!! I am so grateful for this service and for people who love and care for dogs and other pets!!! works!!!!


Found 1 Prissy

Pet Owner: Debbie P. (VA)Pet Name: PrissyDate Lost: 11/21/2015Date Found: 11/27/15

This is one of the best services offered to help in finding a missing dog. The free flyers and contacts are a huge help. I would recommend to anyone missing their beloved dog. In such a stressful, heartbreaking time, lost my doggie is a blessing. Thank you for being there and providing such a wonderful service.


Found 1 Max

Pet Owner: Joshua M. (TX)Pet Name: MaxDate Lost: 11/25/2015Date Found: 11/27/15

I wanted to say Thank You. We found Max. Someone sawnour flyer. The service was great.


Found 2 Pete

Pet Owner: Tina P. (PA)Pet Name: PeteDate Lost: 11/22/2015Date Found: 11/27/15

What a wonderful site! It was so nice to have this resource available in a scary and critical time. Should the unfortunate time happen again where one of my pets go missing I will definitely use this site again. Thank you!


Found 1 Thor

Pet Owner: Melissa C. (TX)Pet Name: ThorDate Lost: 11/23/2015Date Found: 11/26/15

Thank you so much for the help and support in finding Thor. Thor was missing for 3 1/2 days!!! Being able to repost his "Lost poster" helped get the word out. The community really united and I'm grateful for the couple who took him in. So happy we get to sleep good tonight with our boy being home! It's a blessed way to end the Thanksgiving holiday! Thank you so much to this website for the help!


Found 1 Unknown

Pet Owner: Debra W. (TX)Pet Name: UnknownDate Lost: 11/23/2015Date Found: 11/24/15

I am so happy to say I have found his owners first thing this morning. Thanks to this site the owners contacted me via the local veterinarian. . So awesome!


Found 1 Charlie

Pet Owner: Todd Y. (CA)Pet Name: CharlieDate Lost: 11/01/2015Date Found: 11/13/15

This testimonial will be short and sweet. I've never heard about this sight until my female boxer, Charlie, went missing. She was listed on this website by a person who was temporarily taking care of her. Once I received information about the website I immediately accessed it and found my girl listed with a picture. Without this site I might not have been able to be reunited with her. Thanks to the website and the woman who took care of my girl!


Found 1 Bullet

Pet Owner: Claudia V. (MN)Pet Name: BulletDate Lost: 11/18/2015Date Found: 11/23/15

I found my elderly, half blind fur baby 6 days after it went missing. I used this site and printed flyers and didn't give up. Losing an animal is heartbreaking but don't give up on them. Keep searching and list them everywhere possible. Thank you lostmydoggie! I'm forever grateful!
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